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Mukesh Rajput is a Chartered Accountant and started his practice in 2010. He is recognised as a visionary and a leading consultant in India.

He is known for his radical and at the same time philosophical views. In his own unique style, he combines technical professional subjects with philosophy to give a different and clear perspective on several legal areas.
He is presently active in spearheading a unique styles of the study for clearing the CA Exam's.

Apart from his professional commitments, Mukesh Rajput is involved in social work from the year 2000. He would like to promote those areas where a lot of social upliftment is required.

Being A Writer

This is possibly his first & last book, this is because he does not considered himself as a professional writer. If his unbelievable way of hardworking life as being medium of inspiration inside him was not there then probably he must not think of writing any book .
Before becoming a C.A. his life was full of difficult struggles which are understood from his studies as an irregular student after class five, entire childhood is spent away from home, working in hotels & shops. But there is a dream in his heart to become something, & therefore in spite of so many difficulties not only, left out studies have been resumed but also in 2010 have earned the professional degree in CA. Currently he is working as a CA in Bhopal

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About the book

Presented book CA Pass the Real Story, is writer's autobiography in which his journey from floor to cloud. And the ups and down in his life has been described in a very interesting manner. with this book's medium you will come to know how a small kid ran away from his home after being frustrated from his own parents fights, whom to keep his alive has to work sometimes in a canteen or sometime in a hotel.

How he suffered from so much torture, during which he reached his success & fulfilled all his dreams with unbreakable desire & hard work & become a successful CA.

With the loyal autobiographic medium the writer has told that to achieve big success, talent is not sufficient, dedication & hard work makes everything possible. Average minded people can also achieve their goal by refining themselves.

After reading the book it's being realized that TRY AGAIN what is its real meaning. This book told that unsuccessful basically the repetition of mistakes, therefore we should not get lived of our mistakes & set back by loosing we must, try to eliminate our mistakes.

This is not any philosophical book, this is a collection of events of author's life, which not only teaches us to fight back the situation but also told that ways to deal with the situation. Overall it is a practical handbook which gives courage, teaches & also entertains.


08 01, 2015 CA Pass - Bansel News
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